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Door Configuration-3 American Cylinder Hub Above Handle 4-1?8 in. Center to Center
refer to Andersen® door manufacturer
Handing Required
Order with any Stainless Steel Lever
Emtek Multi Point Lock Trim for Swinging Patio Doors available in Keyed with American Cylinder or Non-Keyed with Thumbturn Inside for Active Doors, Non-Keyed Passage or Non-Keyed Fixed Handle Outside for Semi-Active Doors, and Dummy Pair for Non-Active Doors.
If Keyed with American Cylinder, Schlage Keyway standard. Includes non-keyed thumbturn inside.
Standard door thickness of 1-5/8 in. to 2 in. Specify if thicker.
Each Multi Point Lock Trim now includes the Spring Assist function which returns the lever to the neutral position and eliminates sagging handles.
Trim Plate Dimensions: 2 in. x 10 in.
Plate Thickness: 3/8 in.
Sold as complete set. Standard Components: Plates, Handles, Single Cylinder Tailpiece, 3-3/4 in. Steel Spindle, 2 in. Rosette Screws, and 1-1/2 in. Rosette Screws for 1-5/8 in. thick door. Multi Point lock mechanism is NOT included.
Specify finish when ordering.
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  • 13B1-AT-SS-LH, 13B1-AT-SS-RH, 13B1-CO-SS-LH, 13B1-CO-SS-RH, 13B1-DD-SS-LH, 13B1-DD-SS-RH, 13B1-HES-SS-LH, 13B1-HES-SS-RH, 13B1-HL-SS-LH, 13B1-HL-SS-RH, 13B1-HS-SS-LH, 13B1-HS-SS-RH, 13B1-KL-SS-LH, 13B1-KL-SS-RH, 13B1-PO-SS-LH, 13B1-PO-SS-RH, 13B1-STT-SS-LH, 13B1-STT-SS-RH, 13B5-AT-SS-LH, 13B5-AT-SS-RH, 13B5-CO-SS-LH, 13B5-CO-SS-RH, 13B5-DD-SS-LH, 13B5-DD-SS-RH, 13B5-HES-SS-LH, 13B5-HES-SS-RH, 13B5-HL-SS-LH, 13B5-HL-SS-RH, 13B5-HS-SS-LH, 13B5-HS-SS-RH, 13B5-KL-SS-LH, 13B5-KL-SS-RH, 13B5-PO-SS-LH, 13B5-PO-SS-RH, 13B5-STT-SS-LH, 13B5-STT-SS-RH, 13B4-AT-SS-LH, 13B4-AT-SS-RH, 13B4-CO-SS-LH, 13B4-CO-SS-RH, 13B4-DD-SS-LH, 13B4-DD-SS-RH, 13B4-HES-SS-LH, 13B4-HES-SS-RH, 13B4-HL-SS-LH, 13B4-HL-SS-RH, 13B4-HS-SS-LH, 13B4-HS-SS-RH, 13B4-KL-SS-LH, 13B4-KL-SS-RH, 13B4-PO-SS-LH, 13B4-PO-SS-RH, 13B4-STT-SS-LH, 13B4-STT-SS-RH, 13B2-AT-SS-LH, 13B2-AT-SS-RH, 13B2-CO-SS-LH, 13B2-CO-SS-RH, 13B2-DD-SS-LH, 13B2-DD-SS-RH, 13B2-HES-SS-LH, 13B2-HES-SS-RH, 13B2-HL-SS-LH, 13B2-HL-SS-RH, 13B2-HS-SS-LH, 13B2-HS-SS-RH, 13B2-KL-SS-LH, 13B2-KL-SS-RH, 13B2-PO-SS-LH, 13B2-PO-SS-RH, 13B2-STT-SS-LH, 13B2-STT-SS-RH, 13B3-AT-SS-LH, 13B3-AT-SS-RH, 13B3-CO-SS-LH, 13B3-CO-SS-RH, 13B3-DD-SS-LH, 13B3-DD-SS-RH, 13B3-HES-SS-LH, 13B3-HES-SS-RH, 13B3-HL-SS-LH, 13B3-HL-SS-RH, 13B3-HS-SS-LH, 13B3-HS-SS-RH, 13B3-KL-SS-LH, 13B3-KL-SS-RH, 13B3-PO-SS-LH, 13B3-PO-SS-RH, 13B3-STT-SS-LH, 13B3-STT-SS-RH
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